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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meeting our son

We arrived in Beijing on Friday evening after  a 12 hour flight.  The next morning we headed out with 3 other families adopting and went to see some of the sights.  We enjoyed walking through the Forbidden City.  Cole just kept saying, "Cool!" to all the amazing buildings we saw.  He loved it.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Great Wall.  Daddy and Cole climbed the steep steps to a high tower...I chickened out half-way when I turned around and saw how high I was!

On Sunday we took an hour flight to Jinan the capital city of the Shandong Province.  We arrived at our hotel and were told Quinn  would be arriving in about 30 minutes.  As we waited to check in, we realized that he was already in the lobby!  We walked over and saw him, but the nannies from the orphanage insisted we put our luggage in our room before holding him.  We raced our bags upstairs and hurried back down as fast as we could!

We all loved Quinn instantly and Cole was so excited he was finally a big brother.  He kept saying, "Is this a dream?"
Quinn is very tiny...all the clothes we brought are too big.  He is very cute and likes to make lots of cute noises.  He makes good eye contact.  He is eating well. 

Monday was a long day spent at several government offices.  The building do not all use heat, so it was rough on Cole who got very cold at times.  Cole has done an amazing job despite the many hours spent in cars and planes and all the long boring waits.  Ray and Quinn were exhausted!

Today we drove 2 hours to Quinn's orphanage.  The orphanage was nice and they provided us with a lot of photos of Quinn.   Here is Quinn's empty bed!
Here are the boys on the drive home from the orphanage to our hotel:

We are enjoying our trip and are thankful for all the prayers.  Everything has gone smoothly.  I have not had any stomach issues, but have had a bad cold the entire time.  It actually has been a blessing in that my sense of smell doesn't work! 
We also have been so blessed to travel with a couple Derrick and Jen.  Jen and I found each other online several months ago and it has been amazing to get to meet her and share our journey together.  Their son was also at Quinn's orphanage and they are together in some of the pics the orphanage gave us!  We are so thankful for having them with us!
Here are some more pics: