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Monday, September 9, 2013

First Week of Second Grade!

Last week Cole started second grade...and so did I!  We began our 3rd official year of homeschooling together.  I love that I get to spend so much time with my son and that we get to learn new things together. 

My goal this year is to be more structured.  Cole thrives on structure and so I am working on making our days more predictable for him.  I tend to wake up in the morning and decide what to do based on how I am feeling which worked for younger grades, but now I need to change my ways! 

Another change is that we will be doing the majority of our homeschooling in our garage.  I spent time this summer working on making it a more usable space (you can check out my post on it here: garage redo ).  In the past we used the kitchen table, but it stressed me trying to clean it off for meals.   Now we have a space that is always ready for us to do work...it also doubles as my craft space so I can create a card while Cole works on a worksheet...bonus!!!

This first week went really smoothly and I actually liked having a schedule to follow and a space that is dedicated to doing school work.  Cole seemed to really like it too!

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