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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Craft Room (Garage) Reveal

Last week I posted some pics of past craft rooms or spaces I have had.  I left off showing the back wall of our garage being painted a bright and cheery blue.  Here is how the space looks now:

I am really happy with how the space turned out.  One of my favorite things is the map hanging on the wall.  Right before moving to CA, I got a huge map of the whole world for $5 at a garage sale...major score!  The map sells for a hundred bucks online!  I cut and trimmed the piece for North America to fit the space.  (I will soon reveal how I used the piece with the continent of Asia!)

Recently I found this memo/bulletin board (below) at a garage sale for $3.  It had a white erase board that I flipped around and painted with chalkboard paint.  The bulletin board piece had some major chunks of cork missing, so I covered it with some map fabric I already owned.  I painted the frame a mustard yellow and love how it pops of the bright blue. 

This room still has to function as a garage so on the table below we have our Coke bottles (my husband has to have these available at all times!), our swim bag (love the flip flop fabric from 31), a crate for balls, and below the table is our recycling.  I tried to make the recycling more "cute" so I made signs out of Lawn Fawn paper.  To the left is our rug cleaner and behind it is a bag with important items we would need in the case of a major earthquake...yep, we live in Cali!

The table in the middle is made from 2 steel shelves bought at Target during back to school season and topped with a vintage piece of butcher block.  I bought the butcher block in Ohio to install in our kitchen, but we moved before I could get it done (thankfully!).  It was really used in a butcher shop and I love it! The table next to it is also made from vintage butcher block and my dad made this to use in my kitchen in Ohio.  I got both pieces of wood from the same place (actually my dad picked it up for me and then helped me clean them).  I love the warmth of the wood and the imperfections add so much character.

I like to have my most used craft supplies out and ready to use.  I love this metal tiered basket for that reason.  I use it to house ink pads, my trusty tape gun, and of course my favorite Lawn Fawn stamps  and dies (lawnfawn.com).  The piece to the right comes from World Market and is supposed to be used to hold cups.  I think it works great to hold my spools of twine and washi tapes. 

On the other end of the table, I use a white cabinet to house small bottles of paints, glitter, adhesives, embossing powders, etc.  On the bottom shelf I store a couple favorite wood stamps and my acrylic blocks.  Next to the map I hung  a huge frame and I added burlap so I can use it as an inspiration board...still lots of space to fill!

 Remember my entertainment center reno?  I used some of the drawers  that had been used to hold cds and set them upright as shelves.  Gotta work with what you got, right?  I use them to store punches, my cuttlebug and some favorite embellishments.   

On top of the shelves I use a divided wood container that used to have herbs growning in it (didn't survive) and now I use it for my heat gun and random pens and pencils.  Some recycled jars hold paint brushes.  In front I have my alcohol based markers in some metal pails and love my spinning rack that holds random markers and colored pencils.  To the right of this picture I have all my wrapping paper and scraps of wood.

Below the tables I have my sewing machine, a scrapbooking tote, tools I use to make Prayer Journals   for Throne of Grace (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThroneOfGrace), party supplies and my Xyron machine.  

In the center of the room I have a large table that Cole and I both used together.  It is almost always piled high with projects.  I got Cole's chair at Ikea and I use a directors chair with a slipcover I got from Pier One. 

 I love this cart!  It is the perfect color and you can buy it at Ikea.  We use it to store Cole's most used supplies and he can reach them easily from his chair.  During the school year we use it to store his school books.

Our house came with these cabinets already installed which is a huge blessing!  The far left cabinet is all kid craft items.  Cole uses this to store all his art and craft supplies.  

The next cabinet houses random craft items, scraps of paper arranged by color, ribbon, sticker sheets, yarn, felt...and lots of other stuff.  

The third cabinet contains stamps, paint brushes, inks, blank cards, and Cricut cartridges.  I got these plastic drawer units a long time ago at Big Lots and they have worked well in every craft space I have had...and they were cheap!  I added chalkboard labels to the fronts to help me stay organized.

The last cabinet is my paper cabinet.   I got this paper rack from a scrapbook store in Ohio that was getting new racks and was selling their old ones.  I was so happy it fit perfectly!  It makes organizing my paper so easy!

I have this area designated as my hardware area.  I have all my tools and paints in this area.  I love having access to these along with my craft space because I use both areas a lot when doing projects.

Lest you forget that this is really a garage, here is what the other side looks like:

This might sound weird, but I think my garage may be my favorite room in the house!  I love using the space and get to spend lots of time with my son out there.  I love that we can be creative together!

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