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Thursday, July 4, 2013

16 Years of Bliss

Last weekend Ray and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. On Friday, (our actual anniversary) Ray told me to plan on having lunch together with our son Cole. I had a busier morning than I expected and rushed to get ready to go out. I hurried downstairs to see my sweet friend Tami waiting for me...Ray had really planned for me to go out with Tami which was a nice surprise (kind of funny on our anniversary, but he gets me!). On Saturday we hired a sitter and Ray treated me to a dinner in Laguna Beach at Maro. It was very yummy and had a really cool vibe. The salmon I ordered was so fresh and totally delicious. Our babysitter snapped this pic of us before we headed out:
After dinner we drove down the road a bit and ended up at the Montage. It is so beautiful and romantic. We walked around and then noticed that there were lots of photographers taking pics of the sky. There was a super moon that night and we were clueless! It was so beautiful. Unfortunately my cell phone camera failed to capture the full beauty of the moment. bummer.
I cannot believe that Ray and I have been married 16 years! That is crazy. I painted my toe nails a bold teal color and joked with a friend that I was confused...I thought I was 16 years old...not married 16 years! (Although my wrinkly toes show otherwise!)
I am so thankful that God has given me an amazing man to share life with. He is the best husband in the world! (sorry ladies, the best one is already taken!)

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  1. You look gorgeous in your yellow dress! I love seeing your wedding day smile, too! I am now officially your blog stalker. Haha! :)