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Friday, July 5, 2013

Craft Room

Is it me, or have I seen a ton of craft space tours recently? My pinterest board is filled with images of perfectly ordered craft spaces where every item has it's place. I love seeing paint bottles all lined up in a row...even better if it's in rainbow order. Oh, and those racks for wrapping paper...amazing. Our last three homes have all had a designated craft space. In our home in Ohio I had a loft area on the second floor that totally spoiled me! I loved having plenty of room to work on scrapbooking (that was my main craft back then).

When we first moved to Cali, we rented a condo for 2 years. My craft space was also in a loft area, but I shared the space with my husband's office. I had a huge closet and this funky spot at the top of the stairs that I could lay out all my projects. It was kind of like a hallway, actually. Not ideal, but it worked.

Here's the ledge...the only pic I could find.  It was usually covered in my latest craft projects...never this neat and clean!

In our current home my craft stuff is all in the garage and I love it! Living in California makes a garage a really usable space (the weather is pretty amazing). When we moved in there were already cabinets with doors lining the one side of the garage. I quickly filled them all with all of my craft supplies. The last month of Homeschooling my son and I also used the garage for school time. We really liked using the space together and enjoyed having easy access to art supplies.


So, this week I am going to try to spruce my space up a bit. Try and make it look a little less garage and a little more like a room. Not planning anything major...my first task is to paint the back wall a fun color. I'll back to show you how it looks!

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