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Friday, July 5, 2013

Painting the Garage, I Mean Craft Room

So, I woke up early a couple days ago and headed out to the garage to paint.  The temps were supposed to hit the high 90's so I wanted to get an early start.  I think I chose the hottest day to paint!  

The night before I removed everything from under and on top of the tables.  Whew!  Where did all this come from?

I used a bright blue color leftover from when I painted my son's room.  I was trying to make this a "free" make-over and only use what I currently own.  This color makes me super happy (blue is my fave color) and it definitely brightened up the space!

Here is the wall finished with a couple spots still waiting to dry.

My husband had been gone for the day and I think he was a little shocked at the bright blue...he commented something about us staying in this house for awhile (what?  not everyone loves a bright blue wall in the back of their garage???).

I'll come back next week and show you the finished project.  

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